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April 15th
Gym Time Distress
Posted 2013-06-16 01:48:22 By DilemmaQueen   |  

I am a 50 something lady, carrying 30-40 extra pounds and I am very self conscious about my weight and have been working hard to get rid of this extra weight. I was at the gym today working off these 30-40 pounds and I am feeling good about my 60 workout. I am wrapping up my workout with crunches on the ab bench and I notice a very shapely lady in the aerobics room wearing very little clothing and she is posing in different positions. I am only catching glimpses as I pop my head up on my crunches but she is totally posing and the room has mirrors on all walls. I kinda start laughing wondering what she is doing...again I am still trying to work my own abs. Then I notice this very LONG bare leg and heel and it belongs to another woman and the posing woman appears to be instructing this other woman. My view was blocked by some of the equipment and door frames to the room but then I get a full on view and this LONG leg is attached to a girl in a tiny bikini who is totally posing and the other one appears to be instructing her. I cannot do any more abs. I couldn't pull it together to get through my workout without laughing so I get up to go to the quiet room to stretch and I see this girl's bikini has no back...just a string. And she wore it well. Oh my goodness. I am on the floor stretching and just laughing hysterically at this situation. I could not believe my eyes. I felt deflated. No amount of workout would ever give me that kind of body. And 30 years ago I could have never looked like that either. Here I was all sweaty and proud of my workout just minutes ago and now I feel discouraged. How do I keep myself motivated? What can I do to stay my own course? .

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Give up and go have a triple cheeseburger from McDonalds.
37 %
Text my trainer and some friends about the situation and enlist their support.
32 %
Go back to the gym tomorrow in my own bikini - bet that would give me access to any machine I wanted (as the guys all run away)
5 %
Make some money by sharing the location of the gym to all the guys who asked me "which gym was this?"
26 %

Community Comments

Posted by Founder2 on November/30/-0001

I couldn't vote on your dilemma because I don't think your choices include the obvious one - it's not about THEM, it's about YOU. Your goal is to be the best and healthiest you possible. In the gym, as in life, compare and despair. Someone is always richer, prettier, smarter, funnier, in better shape, etc. If you set goals -- daily, weekly, monthly, long term -- and only compare you to you, you will have a much more fulfilling experience in the gym and in general. (BTW, this is also a case of physician heal thyself, in that I am constantly comparing and despairing.) Good luck.


Posted by DilemmaQueen

Diffused my anxiety with humor - Texted my trainer while still at the gym - telling him I was giving up and going for triple cheeseburger...and then texted a couple other friends. Got a call and texts from all of them and got to share the crazy experience. Humor took care of my emotions and I stayed my own course...chipping away at my own pounds. All is good. Appreciated all the moral support from those I contacted.

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