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July 13th

About Us

It all began with a donut hole. I have always been weight conscious. As an adult, this overweight feeling followed me while getting my morning coffee at a local donut shop. Finding it hard to resist the donuts, one day I ordered one donut hole to go with my morning coffee and felt so proud of exercising control over my sweet tooth. I get to my car with my coffee and my little white bag, expecting to see one donut hole, and see 3 donut holes inside !!!

The DILEMMA began...what to do with the other 2 donut holes?
  1) Do I go back inside and tell them they made a mistake?
  2) Do I eat one, throw the others away?
  3) Do I take the extra donut holes to a co-worker?
  4) Do I squish the extras in the bag making them unappetizing and then throw them away?
  5) Do I eat all 3 and start a new diet on a later day? What to do?!

From that dilemma 15 years ago, springs WHAT’S YOUR DILEMMA? If you are like we are, at some time or another, you have had a dilemma and nowhere to turn for a solution. Perhaps you thought of reaching out to an advice columnist. But you didn’t for any number of reasons --- you didn’t know if your letter would get published; if it did get published, you might not see the reply, by the time the reply got published, it would be too late, and so on. Or you wanted to reach out to a friend or family member. But you didn’t because your dilemma was too personal. Or maybe, you did reach out to someone, who gave you terrible advice. Either way, you had a dilemma and no solution. If that sounds familiar, welcome to WHAT’S YOUR DILEMMA? -- where Dear Abby meets Wikipedia. A site for everyone and every kind of DILEMMA.

If you’ve got a dilemma, you can see it published almost as soon as you hit ‘send.’ And, rather than wait for a reply that you may never get or see, your results will be posted in real time. Not only that, but instead of only one expert giving you advice, you’ll have the benefit of a world of experts.

“Hold on there,” you may now be saying, “this is the web, these people aren’t experts.” And that may be true… about the individuals themselves. This community may have no single experts, but TOGETHER, we should be brilliant at coming up with a solution to whatever dilemma you may have. Studies have shown that while one or two or even ten or one hundred individuals may be less-than-knowledgeable, collectively there’s accuracy in numbers.

The classic example is the ‘guess-the-number-of-items in the jar’ contest. While most individuals can’t guess the actual number, when you combine and average all of the guesses, that number is almost always spot-on.

That is the same concept with WHAT’S YOUR DILEMMA? Individuals will vote on your dilemma. As individuals, they may have a good solution, they may not, but when all the votes are in, you should have a pretty good idea about how to proceed with your dilemma.

That’s our HOPE.

We welcome you to the WHAT’S YOUR DILEMMA? community, and we invite you to give it a try – to ask for solutions and to offer solutions. Together let’s solve a world of dilemmas.

K & L