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April 15th
Loud but nice neighbors
Posted 2013-06-16 20:17:34 By Founder2   |  

My next door neighbors are very nice people -- always ready with a tool I might need to borrow, or to watch my animals when I go on vacation, or to help with some big task I may have. They also regularly invite me to their parties. And there's the rub: they party constantly - mid-week, weekends, you name it. Plus they go late and they are LOUD. On several occasions I have asked them politely to keep it down. The volume lowers for a bit, but then goes up again. On the occasions that I have mentioned something the next day, they apologize and promise not to do it again. But the very next time, it happens again. If this was a once-a-month thing, I could probably live with it. But it happens two, three, four times a month. I suppose I could call the police, but it would be obvious that the call came from me. I don't want to lose the friendship, but I'm really tired of losing sleep. And the last thing I want to do is move. As you can see, I'm torn. .

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Do I suck it up and do nothing?
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Do I continue doing what I'm doing, only more so?
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Do I make a show of 'being away,' and then call the police?
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Do I invest in a great pair of ear plugs? (If there is such a thing.)
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Do I fight fire with fire, and crank my music really loud at all hours on the nights they don't have parties?
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Community Comments

Posted by Radzar on November/30/-0001

I am living with the same situation! I am eager to hear solutions from others. Our neighbors party (which is only a few feet from my yard) on their back deck every Friday and Saturday night AND supply beer to their underage kids and neighbor kids (not mine!) The parents are trying to act cool and play beer games with the kids and the moms get drunk and annoying. I feel like moving.

Posted by DilemmaQueen on November/30/-0001

Take them a small gift basket - cheese/cracker type thing as a good neighbor jesture...and then tell them sincerely how you feel. All the great things about them being helpful neighbors AND how their noise is affecting your life. It sounds like being honest and sincere and asking for what you need is the best route here. Good luck!

Posted by Jocelynn on November/30/-0001

I had a neighbor write me a note when my kids were dropping things down on his patio, they were dumping out the vaccum and the dust was falling through the cracks. I wrote back aplogizing and it built a bridge. Fighting fire with fire will not work. Always look to build a bridge not a barier.


Posted by Founder2

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