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July 13th
Sunday mornings
Posted 2013-06-17 02:34:41 By Jocelynn   |  

I am noticing a pattern devleoping with my daughter not making it to church on the days she is with her father. This is upseting to say the least, as I want my family togehter in church. .

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Do I sit back and not make a big deal, as not to be the "Bad Guy" keeping her from fun stuff and "forcing" her to go to church
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Do I stand my ground and say that unless there is an out of town plan, she needs to be there
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Do I give some leaway by saying that one out of his two Sundays if they are going out of town it is ok, that way it doesn't become every time
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Community Comments

Posted by KatyS on November/30/-0001

I like your 3rd option. It shows you giving some room for out of town weekends, while still wanting to provide a constant and strong foundation for your daughter. Best wishes!

Posted by Founder2 on November/30/-0001

You don't mention how old your daughter is or what your relationship with her father is like. But if she's under 18, it seems like the discussion should be with her father - if possible. You've got to make sure that you and he are on the same page. And if church is not important to him, you've got to find some middle ground. If she's over 18, it's her responsibility to go or not. You can impress upon her how important it is to you, and keep your fingers crossed that she finds it important too.


Posted by Jocelynn

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