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April 15th
Found Wallet
Posted 2013-06-17 09:45:02 By testerfromBoca   |  

I was walking through the parking lot at the mall and found a wallet on the ground. Inside there was about $500 in cash, credit cards, and a license showing that the owner lived locally in a very expensive community. (He obviously is REALLY rich). I know I should return the wallet but was thinking of taking the money out and then mailing everything else back to the owner with an anonymous note. I would never try to use the credit cards or anything else, but I could really use the money as I recently lost my job. What do you think? .

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Take the money and run
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Return the wallet in person and hope for a reward
100 %
Go on a shopping spree because the credit card company will pay for all the charges
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Return the wallet to Mall security
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Community Comments

Posted by KatyS on November/30/-0001

Return the wallet - completely in tact, without expectations. Be the blessing you would wish for.

Posted by Founder2 on November/30/-0001

The fact that you are asking the question indicates that you know what the right thing is - to return the wallet and its contents intact. But you also know that our society, and likely the owner -- if he's as rich as you think -- will allow you to take the money and return the cards and IDs. Alas, what's right, and what's permissible are not always one and the same. Return the wallet. Doing the right thing will be its own reward.


Posted by testerfromBoca

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