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July 13th
Ex wife's best friend
Posted 2013-06-18 15:00:19 By Founder2   |  

I've been divorced for more than 3 years. About a month ago, my ex-wife's best friend called, as she often does, to invite my son and me to join her and her boy for an afternoon swimming in their pool. While the boys were swimming, she confessed that she's been attracted to me "for years." I find her attractive as well, but, well, she's my wife's best friend. I don't feel any emotional connection with my ex, but I'm sure that dating her friend would register as a slap in the face. And I certainly don't want to hurt her. I also don't need to put a strain between us. On the other hand, since I've been divorced, I've gone on very few dates, and those that I have gone on did not go so well. With my ex's friend, we've got a history, an easy rapport, and a mutual attraction. It makes me wonder if its meant to be. What to do. .

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Leave things as they are. You don't need the aggravation, and you haven't explored all your dating options
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Begin seeing the friend more frequently and see what develops
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Jump in feet first. You only live once
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Give your ex a heads-up, and then proceed slowly with her friend
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Community Comments

Posted by KatyS on November/30/-0001

Since you said ex-wife I assume you are a man. Assuming this is correct, I am a woman, and I can tell you with certainty there is NO way you should date your ex-wife's best friend, EVER. And I would dare to say the friend is not a good friend to your ex-wife if she would consider dating you, the ex-husband of her best friend. This is taboo territory in every language. There are almost 7 billion people on this Earth and close to half are female...avoid the ex-wife's best friend as a love interest, at all cost.


Posted by Founder2

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