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July 13th
Wedding Check
Posted 2013-06-20 09:53:58 By DilemmaQueen   |  

A friend of my son got married last weekend and while I wasn't invited to the wedding I surely wanted to acknowledge this blessed event. I dropped off a card with a check for my son's friend and his bride with a relative of his, who lives near by,. I wasn't sure how to spell the bride's name but figured they would forgive me if I got close...3 days later as I am leaving the gym early in the morning and I panicked thinking I might have put the wrong last name on the check and on the card. I came home, checked the duplicate copy of my check and checked his name on my contact list and sure enough I have given them a wedding card and a check with the wrong last name. I am so embarrassed - I have to get the check with the wrong name back - and give them a new one, but how to I explain my error and not have him think I didn't even remember his last name... .

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Call the groom and explain the situation and arrange to get the new check to him.
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Tell the groom that check was intended for someone else so he doesn't think I forgot his last name.
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Blame the whole thing on stress that was happening at the time - which really was part of the truth.
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Claim senior moment...
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Posted by DilemmaQueen

Followed through on the first option- called the Groom apologized for being absent minded and told him his new check was being delivered to his relatives house that same day...and to just rip up the first check. He laughed - it all worked out fine. And the "right" check was delivered successfully. Actually gave me more reason and purpose to connect with the family more, so that was nice.

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