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April 15th
A Friend's Love Life
Posted 2013-06-23 13:36:00 By KatyS   |  

I have a dear friend who just got engaged - but I am concerned for her as I don't think she loves or respects all there is about her fiance. I think he has so many good qualities she feels she "should" love him, but I honestly feel she deep down believes she is "settling" and won't even admit this to herself. I am concerned for her committing to a lifetime when there are some key foundational issues between them, that don't work for her now. I have been there, done that with buying into a relationship where I thought I would change this or that about someone and know it does not work. I am not sure how direct or honest to be with her. .

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Do I just tell her what I believe and risk her not sharing what she is feeling with me in the future?
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Do I keep my mouth shut and let her find her own way - letting her learn all I had to learn, in her time.
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Do I encourage her to be honest with herself and share a few experiences of my own?
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Do I tell her about other friends that have had similiar experiences and how things didn't turn out well - hoping she will see similiarities in her situation.
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