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July 13th
Birthday Dinner - Who pays?
Posted 2013-06-23 21:17:02 By Crazyheart   |  

Got invite to a buddy's birthday dinner to help him celebrate a special milestone. My buddy himself set up the party and he invited some family and friends to join him for diner. I assumed we would all cover our own cost, or it would be hosted. When the check came, the birthday bud didn't even reach for his wallet which I thought was odd. I fully planned to pay my part, but ended up paying my part and more - WAY more. I ended up splitting the birthday guy's dinner with just one other guy who showed up, and like myself, sucked it up and paid for the birthday dude. I just kept thinking - how could he invite all of us and then not even offer to pay for himself? Do I bring this up or not? .

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Do I ask him what he was thinking when he invited us to dinner, specifically, hoow did he expect the cost would be handled?
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Do I just let it go this time and know not to accept future invites?
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Do I let it go but next time he invites me to something, ask up front how he expects the cost will be handled?
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Invite him to dinner for my next birthday and let him know he can pay for me, like I just did for his birthday.
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