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April 15th
Tennessee Lottery Tickets
Posted 2013-07-02 19:37:30 By DilemmaQueen   |  

I was just in Tennessee for a long weekend and the last thing I did before return home was buy 4 lottery tickets...2 for my friend and 2 for me. I am now 2500 miles away and sitting here with my 2 tickets for potential jackpots each over $60 million...I haven't won "yet" but I have a dilemma. If I do win - how do I go claim my prize. I would be a nervous wreck traveling with a winning ticket on me personally - but major prizes have to be claimed in person. I would be nervous sharing with others, in advance of claiming my prize. I am getting in a tizzy over this, at just the thought of having to travel back to Tennessee to claim my winnings. .

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Rent a limo and a security guy to take me to Tennessee - all 2500 miles.
40 %
Call my friend and have her meet me back in Tennessee to help me collect my winnings and rent one of those beautiful Penthouse suites we saw at the Gaylord.
40 %
Invite one or two friends or family to accompany me back to Tennessee.
0 %
Put the lottery ticket in my Leopard Cowboy Hat I bought in Nashville, and just book a flight and head on back...
20 %

Community Comments

Posted by Radzar on November/30/-0001

I think all four of your options are great choices. I like number 2 the best because your friend would love to take a return trip with you. I do not think storing the ticket in the leopard hat is a good idea as they will make you take that off in the airport security line and then your ticket could get lost. Better to keep it tucked into your bra!


Posted by DilemmaQueen

Well the dilemma was short lived...I didn't come close to winning on either of my tickets, so all my options in cashing in the winnings can rest without being exercised - for now. And all my house hunting for a 2nd property in Nashville can rest too - since I didn't win. Next time on vacation I will not buy a lottery ticket if I can't stay to see the results - was just too much stress!

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