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April 15th
Private Disability Insurance
Posted 2013-06-14 15:57:20 By DilemmaQueen   |  

Working as a contractor on 1099 - I already pay $500 for my own medical per month, but I recently realized I should probably invest in disability insurance too, to protect my income, should I become disabled. I don't have many more years to work (I hope) so do I pay another $500-$800 a month to insure my wages against a disability or take the risk I'll be perfectly healthy til I retire? .

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Get some amount of disability insurance...it is worth the piece of mind.
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Save the $500-$800 a month for my retirement instead for spending it on something I might never use
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Get the disability insurance and then go sky diving and increase my chances of making it worth my investment
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Community Comments

Posted by Founder2 on November/30/-0001

You don't say how long you expect to work, but assuming its about 10 years, and you're about 55, investing that money now will probably be a better bet. Of course if you are not a gambler at all,,buy the piece of mind.


Posted by DilemmaQueen

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