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April 15th
Stick or Jump Ship
Posted 2014-04-17 17:12:21 By KatyS   |  

The company I am working for and the project I am managing is not in good financial shape and I have inside track that I might be out of a job in the next couple months. I have always been one to stay to the end, and be as loyal as possible, but I have a mortgage and bills to pay...what to do? .

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Do I put aside my loyalty hat and go find a new job now - regardless of the outcome a couple months from now.
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Do I wait for a couple months to see how things turn out and then start looking if I am let go?
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Do I start looking for a new job now and hope I don't have to make any decisions until the company makes a decision?
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Do I boldly ask for a raise to see how committed they are to keeping me?
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