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July 13th
Accept money from ex-boyfriend?
Posted 2015-02-01 01:38:53 By Founder2   |  

Due to a number of events beyond my control - medical issues, death of a contractor who was doing work on my home - I find myself short on cash. I make a good living, but I freelance, and my next job does not start for a few weeks. I recently ran into an ex-boyfriend who offered me a 'no strings attached' gift to help me get through the rough patch. At first I was offended and said no, but I've been reconsidering my position. I could really use the money, and I have no reason to doubt my ex's intentions. But part of me just does not want the assistance. Am I letting pride get the best of me? Or am I setting myself up for a problem? .

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Accept the gift
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Reject the gift
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Accept the gift, but consider it a loan, creating a payment schedule and other documentation
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Reject the gift graciously, but keep the door open just in case
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