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April 15th
Leave the past in the past and pay back a thief as I agreed or use the past to avoid repayment.
Posted 2016-01-28 18:39:04 By jeu198   |  

A friend (let's call him Bob) stole a pair of sunglasses he had sold to me after I gave him £90 for them on behalf of a third party (Tom) who'd given me the money. Bob denied taking his sunglasses back at first and Tom, fairly well off and knowing I was skint, took the £90 hit. Recently Bob has admitted to me he took the sunglasses and has lent me £40 on the condition that we leave the past in the past and I pay him back. Now I'm wandering if I should pay him back. I am still skint and he really doesn't need the money as much as me, though he isn't rich and lives off state incapacity benefit. Tom recently got a promotion and really won't miss £90. .

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Pay Bob back.
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Don't pay him back
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Don't pay Bob back but instead give Tom £40
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Don't pay Bob back, demand the other £50 and give Tom whatever I manage to get from Bob.
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