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April 15th
Daughter's bad news boyfriend
Posted 2013-06-15 17:05:18 By Founder2   |  

My 21 year old daughter has been dating the same guy for about 2 and a half years. About a year ago, he stole more than $350.00 from her. When caught, he said it was to buy things for her that he otherwise could not afford. He apologized and paid her back, but I still feel he's not trustworthy. He hasn't had a steady job since they met, and now he has to leave his apartment. (He says it's because the landlord won't make repairs.) He has asked my daughter to find a place with him and move in together. I think this is a bad plan. There's not much I can do, I know. I do still pay her auto and health insurance, so I have that 'leverage," if I want to go there. But other than that, I'm at a loss. Thoughts? .

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Don't do or say anything. It's her life.
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Threaten to stop paying for her insurance if she follows through
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Offer her a better living arrangement in hopes that she'll choose that over him
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Lay out why it's a bad idea, and let the chips fall where they will
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Beg and plead with her not to do it
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Community Comments

Posted by DilemmaQueen on November/30/-0001

Ask your daughter if she would want a future son to behave like her boyfriend? Or if she would wish someone like her boyfriend as a partner to a future daughter. Sometimes what a person cannot see is bad news for themselves, can be more objective if they look at it from a different vantaqe point.

Posted by Jocelynn on November/30/-0001

This is the hard part of letting go. I would not use the insurance unless you were trying to teach her to better manage her finances. Make sure that no matter what she knows that you love her and want the best for her. Be the example of the type of man she deserves.


Posted by Founder2

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