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April 15th
Running Out of Gas
Posted 2013-06-15 17:54:40 By DilemmaQueen   |  

This is a VERY old Dilemma, but just today on my way to the Donut shop I see this guy on the off ramp to the freeway with a BIG red can - yep he had run out of gas. Go back 22 years and I ran out of gas on the freeway, on my way to work at 6:00 in the morning. I was driving my husband's van, for the first time (as he was taking my car in for maintenance that day). It was so early it was still dark, the van sputtered and I barely got it to the side of the road...where I parked it and then saw the gas gauge was below the "E" for empty. What do I do? I was grateful he was taking my car for maintenance. I was afraid being stranded on the freeway in the dark. I was angry because I was afraid. I knew the next on ramp was a ways ahead, so I get out and start walking, in my white pants and green and white top. We ladies always remember what we are wearing in good times and in bad. After tromping through the weeds and brush on the side of the road headed towards the off ramp, I see an SUV type vehicle pull over and I expect is to offer me a ride. Horror stories go through my head, as well as thankfulness. A mess of emotions - what to do as I walk towards the vehicle? I have 5-10 seconds to think. .

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Do I accept a ride if offered?
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Do I decline and just keep walking - even though it's still pretty dark and dangerous.
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Community Comments

Posted by Jocelynn on November/30/-0001

I once saw a family on the side of the road with a baby and the tow truck did not have enough seats for them all. I offered the wife and the child a ride home. I think God placed me there that day for them. He always seems to give us just what we need, when we need it. I see that he was with you that day!


Posted by DilemmaQueen

I accepted the ride. The man barely spoke english - as he tried to convey he would drive me to the next exit. He had two young boys wearing private school sweaters (which I knew was at the next exit) so I got in and he dropped me off. I got a gas can from the station, hiked back to my car and then got to work 2.5 hours later. It was now 8:30 am... When K-Mart opened I went and bought a metal gas can with Red and Yellow writing and took it to the local florist and asked him to put Red and Yellow Carnations in the can and send it to my husband at work. The florist look bewildered and when I started to explained - he said "Hey was that you walking on Hwy 280 this morning?". Perfect Serendipity - the florist who saw me stranded and walking was the same guy to deliver flowers to my husband - which prompted his co-workers to ask him ALL day - "Why do you flowers and why are they in a gas can?"

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