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July 13th
I'm tired
Posted 2013-06-15 23:06:28 By Jocelynn   |  

Tomorrow is Father's day and my father is connected at the hip with my sister who is not appropriete to be around to say the least. I was in her company the other day and it hurts me to not only see her like this, but to be so close to have her verbally attack me. I want to honor my father but not be in another ackward postion on my day off. I want my days off to be a time of peace and rest, not confrintation .

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Go up to the Lake as planed and keep my guard up around my sister, warning the kids not to take anything she says or does personally
17 %
Call him and let him know how much I love and appreciate him, and keep an open invitation for a time to get together when she is not aroun
0 %
Stop by for a short bit, and give him a hug and bring lunch, if she gets out of line, I can just leave
83 %

Community Comments

Posted by Founder2 on November/30/-0001

You don't mention what your dad wants or what he thinks about your and your sister's relationship. Or if he even knows about the tension between you two. In a perfect world, of course, you would be able to talk to your sister and reconcile. It doesn't sound like that's possible, though. So, assuming he'd like you to be with him on Father's Day no matter what your relationship is with your sister, while you do want to honor your dad, you don't want to do it at the expense of your mental (and physical) health. So probably the best course of action is to visit with your dad briefly (if you can get there before your sister and have some private time, all the better), and leave if and when things get uncomfortable; but not before you invite your dad to do something with you alone at another time.

Posted by DilemmaQueen on November/30/-0001

Pray on it and then follow your heart. The solution that gives you the most peace at the time and something you can live with tomorrow, will serve you best.


Posted by Jocelynn

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